ARWA 2020

The 4th ARWA conference will be held in Beijing, China at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, from February 27-28, 2020. We are honored to invite you to attend this conference.

The two-day conference will feature a keynote sessions (a one-hour speech by invited speakers), Paper Presentations (3-5 papers for a one-hour session) and Poster Presentations.

Registration is now open. Please register after you receive acceptance notification. We strongly recommend online registration prior to the conference by February 1, 2020. All conference attendees are required to register including your co-author(s).

To complete the registration, please:
1) Fill in this form by Feb 1, 2020
2) Join or renew your membership:

The membership fee is 100 USD for faculty and 80 USD for student.
Attention: On-site payment will cost USD 10 extra.

If you encounter any technical problem with the payment system, please contact Dr. Jason Lo:


Hotel reservations now open. Once you finish registration, please download the official hotel booking form for room reservation. Please finish the hotel reservation before February 1, 2020 and send the form to Ms. WANG song We recommend booking the hotel as early as you can since the Chinese New Year starts from the last week of January, 2020.

If you’d like other options, you can download the detailed information of other express hotels for reference. These hotels are all within walking distance from the conference location.


Oral session

  1. Your presentation is part of a session with other talks in the same or similar area of research.
  2. All spoken papers are 20 minutes in length including discussion. Session chairs and speakers should only start a talk at the scheduled time.
  3. Your slides will look their best, created with a landscape orientation (4:3 format ratio).
  4. On the day of your presentation, please upload and preview your slides in the room for your session to make sure they appear correctly.

Poster Presentation

  1. For proper display at the venue, your poster should have a horizontal (or landscape) orientation with size not beyond 105*90 cm.
  2. The poster should include the names and affiliations of all the contributing authors included with the abstract in the program. The name and affiliation of the presenting author should be clearly indicated.
  3. Figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance, using clear, visible graphics.


Three conference scholarships are available for top student researchers in Asia who attend and present at the ARWA conference. We expect that two scholarships will be given to student researchers from Chinese-speaking regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and one scholarship to student researchers from other regions in Asia. Each awardee will be invited to give a 10-minute presentation at the ARWA conference on reading/writing development research/practice in their respective home country.


Our 2019 Goa ARWA conference marked the first year in which we had the opportunity to submit our work for consideration for a special section in Reading and Writing. We will do the same in 2020. All papers under consideration MUST have been presented at ARWA, Beijing 2020, and will go through the normal double-blind reviews of the journal. Depending upon quality, this special section is expected to consist of roughly 5-10 papers; if more papers are accepted, they will go into a regular issue. The deadline for submitting the complete paper will be around April 15, 2020. We look forward to the next special issue showcasing our work at ARWA, Beijing, in 2020. Thanks to Malt Joshi for this opportunity!


You do require a visa to visit China and please apply for a visa early!


As is well known, Beijing is a historic and beautiful city. Many famous places of interest you have heard a lot are all in Beijing! Beijing is a wonderful city combining history and modernity. If you are fond of exploring ancient history of Beijing, you can visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and the Tian’anmen Square. You can also walk around the quadrangles in Beijing, enjoying the old Beijing’s culture. If you prefer to feel the modern air of Beijing, you can have a tour in Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), Water Cube Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), both of which are near to the Institute of Psychology. Besides, you can go shopping on the Wangfujing Street. Please remember, there are a great many places of interest that we have not introduced. When you come to Beijing, keep exploring!


Feb. 1, 2020   Registration

Feb. 1, 2020   Hotel reservation

We are looking forward to meeting you in Beijing!