Handbook: Preface

Association for Reading and Writing in Asia (ARWA) Handbook



The purpose of this Handbook is to define policies and procedures of ARWA in order to improve communication, effectiveness, and efficiency. One function of this policy Handbook is to inform the elected and appointed officers regarding their tasks and responsibilities and how they should proceed in carrying out their responsibilities. A second function of this Handbook is to clarify how decisions are made for the membership.

The Handbook contains explicit statements of policies on important functions of the organization that are consistent with but are not always covered explicitly in the Bylaws. Handbook policies may be changed or exceptions granted by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors unless the change involves a policy or procedure specified in the Bylaws. The entire policy handbook is to be reviewed on an annual basis. The policies and procedures of each Committee described in the Handbook should be consistent with the policies and procedures set forth by the Bylaws and the Board. The policy and procedures for these committees should be updated annually when appropriate.

This handbook is divided into four major areas that relate to: (A) the conduct of the annual meeting, (B) the general matters of the organization's business, and (C) the work of the standing committees, and (D) timeline for the leadership to follow.

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